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How ​Creole Nutcracker Came To Life

The Creole Nutcracker was born out of the hearts of its two creators whose main purpose is to further expose the youth of Acadiana to the arts. As advocates for the inclusion of arts in education, they believed having children participate in an original production would be an excellent place to start. 

Why The Creole Nutcracker 

The Creole Nutcracker puts a Louisiana twist on the 19th century fairytale and immerses the audience in the captivating world that is unique to Louisiana. The production is seasoned with the food, the language, and the music of the charming Creole culture.

The Creole Nutcracker will not only give participants first-hand experience in the performing arts but will also give the Acadiana community a Nutcracker of their very own. With a gumbo of dance styles and theatrics, The Creole Nutcracker is sure to entertain viewers and become a staple in Acadiana’s Arts Community.

Community Outreach 

The creators hope to use this show to fund arts programs in Acadiana, sponsor young artists who wish to participate in training programs across the country, and to bring more attention to the benefits of the arts in education.

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